Should You Get Ceramic Braces?

Are you thinking about getting braces? Most people think that braces are only for the young, but this is simply not the case. If you are older and want to straighten your teeth with braces, you have options. The video provides an excellent summary of your choices.

In general, you must choose between clear and metal braces. The latter consists of the traditional wired braces that most young people have on their teeth.

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Clear braces, also known as ceramic or plastic braces, cost more than traditional braces because the material used to make them is more expensive. Mechanically and functionally, clear and metal braces work the same. The presenter of the video notes that clear braces are a little more brittle and chip more easily than metal braces. This may require you to replace them more frequently, and this is an extra cost.

The fact that clear braces are more expensive should not put you off them. If you are a young professional, you should probably go with clear braces. They are less noticeable, which will be important in a work environment. You now have all the information you require to decide whether you should have ceramic braces installed in your mouth.


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