Your Basic Guide to Transitioning a Dental Practice

When it’s time for you to move out of private practice, transitioning from a dental practice can be a process. It takes time to find the right buyer for your practice, especially if you have been in practice for a while. Transitioning a dental practice can take a lot of work to ensure that the new practitioner will be a good fit for the existing practice’s clientele and the broker working on the transition.

After the first stage, meeting the transitioning practitioner, is complete, moving out of the practice and deciding it’s time to get out for whatever reason can begin, with marketing the practice to a new owner. In some cases, that owner may be as close as the departing dentist’s own family.

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They could also be a stranger from a different part of the country who’s decided they want to move to a new place.

Once a buyer is identified, they can meet the seller and if there’s a question about the appraisal or the practice, the agents step in. The presented proposal is accepted. The buyer goes and finances from there.

Contact agents to begin the process of transitioning into a new dental practice today!


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