How to Successfully Run a Dental Office

Are you new to the dental profession? Even if you have received training in your field, you must still learn how dental offices work. The video provides tips on what your priorities should be and gives good insight into how most dental offices function.

As the presenter in the video states, the rarest commodity in a dental office is time. Everyone there has a role, and on any given day they are executing their assigned tasks to ensure patients are properly looked after.

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The only way you will learn how a dental office operates and your role in it is if you take initiative. Do not wait for someone to tell you what you should do and how you should do it. Create a list of things that you need to learn ad how you intend to learn them. This will put you in charge of your own education, and you will also prove yourself a leader.

A dental office is all about serving patients. In a typical flow, a patient comes in for an appointment. They will see a doctor, a hygienist, or an assistant. They will receive emergency treatment, a teeth cleaning, or an X-ray. If the job cannot be done in the office, they will be sent to a specialist. The hope is that they will come back for further checkups and maintenance. You must figure out your job in this process.


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